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The Ultimate Dream Begins

This is the beginning of a life time dream that I have neglected so long it is covered in dust and cob webs.  I am ready to weave this dream using the very cob webs that surround it!

In life I have worked hard at making many dreams comes true!  Some of these dreams have been for me.  While many have been for others!

As a child I wove dreams of adventure as a means of escaping a rough childhood.  As I teenager I wove dreams of independence, getting married and living the live of June Cleaver.  At nineteen I married and soon found out that June Cleavers life was mostly fictional.  As a wife and a mother I was the dream weaver for the family.  Always finding something positive in every thing I did that effected what they did.  Homemaker, soccer mom, baseball mom, PTO mom, school project mom, etc.  Always believing in my children and encouraging them to follow their dreams. Having to work most of my life, my goal on the job became to make the dreams of the corporate world come true.  The challenge was mine and I received great pleasure in all the projects (term for Corporate Dream) that came to reality.

It is amazing to me that I would put so much work into making someone else’s dream come true.  As life continued to evolve I recognized that the same energy, organization and positive thinking could be put into making one of my own dreams come true.  Yet, I must admit the thought of working so hard for me scares me and intimidates me tremendously.

To make my dreams come true I must take ownership just like I would a project at work.  Write it down, research it 360 degrees, create presentations, work at it continuously, do a power point presentation with time lines and Smart, measurable, attainable and realistic goals.

This was a turning point in my live.  With the family grown up, a new relationship, the focus was on creating a new dream. Develop the artist in me!

To make it more interesting I will create a website that will document the process.  Its ups and challenges along with triumphs!  The art as a result of realizing my dream will be made available for purchase from, Dream Art Glass Studio – dreams combined with art in the making!



The above was written in 11/09 – The following movie quotes come to mind at this point.  This first one is a favorite of my boys from “The Pirates of the Caribbean/Disney World and a line from an old black and white movie starring Bette Davis:

“Shiver me timbers there be squalls dead ahead”.

“Hold on it is going to be a bumpy ride. “

Being a goal oriented person I made a list of goals and needs.  Writing them down allowed me to take ownership.  I then placed a copy in my “Dream Box!”  Website, website design, domain, host for domain, business account, business credit card, set-up shop with inventory received from glass guy that went out, need 220 hook-up for kiln, Designs for windows, Dream Box designs, renovation, promotion, marketing, business cards……..YIKES!

The next five months were spent establishing domain, finding the right company to host it.  Dreaming up the web design.  Being independent of course I wanted to own it myself.  Very expensive to have one designed – so I will do it myself – off to the library – fist full of books – one week later I realized this was not happening in my lifetime!. Building a website you need to learn a new language and way of thinking.  Not enough time.  Contracted Hot script’s.  OK next need art glass designs, search website to see what everyone else is doing and then go the opposite direction.  Dream Boxes – each piece designed in heavy paper first and them produced – Next, Tax ID, business cards, identify venue to sell work in.  Yes, opportunity to restore window for local business.  Found non-profit that needed a boast in their gift shop as well as marketing – Chestnut Square Historical Village, approved me to design windows and note cards that would promote a new awareness of the quaint living history museum, with percentage of profits to be donated back to Chestnut Square.  A couple of weeks connecting with the historical site, photography, design – this works, this does not.    My designs and glass choices are limited to stock I purchased from a glass shop that closed out.  This will have to do until I get wholesale account. Yikes, setting up shop, intense fused glass classes – what my website pushed back on Hotscrips schedule.  Can’t get Wholesale account without it.  OK focus, four windows designed unique to Chestnut Square, hundreds of photo’s later note cards designs completed with 10 to choose from – need printer, research, research, - quality good, quality bad – sell as group, sell individually.  What my fused glass just blew – up……..  April 1st windows being sold at Chestnut Square and Farmers Market.  Next, note card completed currently selling in four. locations – YES!  Giclee’s of photography taken during my research at Chestnut Square unveiled during “Second Saturday” art walk in McKinney Texas.  Weekly I am selling funky glass yard art and windows at the Farmers Market while making terra cotta clay faces to sell at the next market – that is unless I blow them up on the kiln.  Website still not completed, running out of glass inventory, wholesale account pending, purchasing retail up town to complete designs working on – won’t make any profit on that piece.  OK – time to find new company to design website.  Some one local that I can afford.  Through networking I was able to find one. Cool – since I already new how I wanted my site to work and had product, pictures and pricing this should not take long.  NOT – even the locals give you time lines they can’t keep. Decided to post what we had – through trial and error I succeeded – determined I completed it in less than 48 hours with three hours of sleep.

“We dreamers have our ways of facing rainy days and some how we survive!

I e-mailed the website to friends and family - thank you to everyone who helped me with suggestions and corrections. Meeting with Web designer 5/7 to assist with corrections and train me on an expert level so I can manage website design on my own.




Week spent visiting Art Galleries in Scottsdale, Sedona and Jerome Arizona - met some wonderful people, dreamed up new designs and took some wonderful photographs.  Enjoyed spiritual time spent at various Indian Tribal locations!  The journey was awesome.



Smile - success - WHOLESALE ACCOUNT APPROVED - time to stock my inventory!



Orders received via website - wonderful!!!!  Worked on inventory to order and updated business account data - boring.  Tomorrow will be a busy day in the studio - weaving Dreams and sending them out.  Then creating new ones!  Now this is what it is all about!  Now I lay me down to sleep I pray that I do not blow anything up in the studio tomorrow - YIKES!


Dear Heavenly Father, give me the courage to dream and the faithfulness to trust in Your perfect plan for my life!  Thank you for working in my life!

Morning is a time of prayer and reflection.  As I reflect on yesterdays work I am satisfied and full with contentment..  A full day in the studio produced a special Dream Box for Lisa, Koi Fish, Funky Artsy Cheese Board and Coasters.  Before my coffee this morning I checked on them and they are cooling down nicely - every piece currently in tack - AWESOME!  Today I mentor up at the local Grammar School.  Giving back keeps me balanced. I really enjoy the opportunity to encourage a child to increase his/hers self-esteem, celebrating who they are while Dreaming about who they can become!

Well, it is the end of a challenging day!  Mentoring went well, shipments are packaged and ready to go, Kiln open - only lost the Koi Fish - glass was not compatible - design was wonderful. Must stick with Bullseye Glass - it is the BEST!   The Functional art came out fantastic - Coasters already posted on the website - Cheese Board will be photographed and posted tomorrow.  Fused glass is definitely a process.  You win some and then you learn some!

My Mom reviewed the site and she liked it!  Thank you Mom.


Today was a full day - Created a cutting board and more funky art glass coasters.  I found a cool knife for the Funky Cheese Board at Old World Market - a big thank you to customer Joe who gave me his input on the style of knife.  Check it out on the Fused Glass page - very cool!  On the down side Superman who designed the layout of my website - up and quit - I will have to continue teaching myself  - Laughing  - I still can not find the spell check on this program so if you see something misspelled you now know why.  It would have been nice to have the flash working on the home page - A good web designer is hard to find!  Tomorrow - inventory - time to restock!



A GREAT day at The Farmers Market.  Thank you to my friend Ruth who always stops by with a wonderful smile and then pays me the biggest compliment an artist would want and that is to make a purchase!  The fused glass Functional Art was enjoyed by all and I sold quite a few pieces! I also have a few names in my book for orders!

I will not forget a moment when a young girl walking with her mom stopped by my artwork, ran her fingers over a stepping stone with the word Dream in it and then exclaimed, "Look Mama it says "DREAM!"  Smile - that is what it is all about - isn't it?  Happy Mothers Day to all the moms who are reading this!


Sunday we drove to Houston - Monday morning arrived at Hollanders Wholesale Glass and spent four hours in a very hot warehouse selecting some really cool glass.  At first I was overwhelmed by the amount of glass, textures, colors, fusible  non-fusible.  Then I pulled myself together, focused on designs to be made and ran with it. To be honest I did become a little anxious upon receiving the invoice for 293 sq. ft of glass- YIKE$!  Then I did a reality check and decided to just have fun with it.  Let’s face it I purchased some very cool glass to create with.  During the return trip home I played with my terra cotta clay, made another face for the yard art collection.  Five hours later the glass was received into inventory without loosing one piece.  Today I had  e-mails from happy customers that received product sent out last week.  Laughing so happy nothing broke!  Then I started a huge photography project for the McKinney Historical Home Owners Association.  Tomorrow - mentoring and office work to be completed for Dream Artglass.  Smile - Thursday - "time to create dreams in the studio!"  If anyone knows where the spell check is on Joomla - please let me know.


A slight set back on Thursday - early in the day I hurt my ankle while working in the shop.  Only after I filled up the kiln with product did I go to E-Care.  A Big thank you to the staff at E-Care who took care of me.  So happy it was not broken - only a contusion.

Friday I worked on a paper design for a new 3D glass sculpture to be making out of various size Artglass circles, each individually wrapped in lead and then soldered together at different levels and angles.  This process will allow me to understand the complexity of the piece and allow me to assemble it with perfect engineering for stability, color and design.

Today is Saturday and the weather is treating.  I have decided to work in the studio in lieu of the Farmers Market.  This will be a perfect day to cut, lead and mud all the circles needed for the 3D Artglass Sculpture, fire up the kiln to bake terra cotta faces, and produce a few Dragon Fly Stone for inventory.

"I pray for the strength and ability to complete projects today. I gain strength in choosing peace!"

Well, it is now 9:39 PM - Circles for 3D Artglass Sculpture completed, terra Cotta faces still in the kiln, Extra Storage bins for new glass built and yes a wonderful dinner in McKinney Texas at our favorite spot.  Then a walk in the Historical District, which I must say was buzzing with family’s getting last minute ice cream for the little ones, while older crowed enjoyed music, dinner, wine and just walking the square browsing the windows of the closed shops.  I myself not only enjoyed watching everyone else relax into this wonderful evening - I also dreamed up another art design with my goal to have it done for the Art Walk next week.  Good Night all - you too Ruth my greatest fan!  Tomorrow is a day of praise, worship and thanksgiving.  I am so blessed!



What a beautiful day!   Sunday morning worship was awesome!

Work continued on the new storage bins while I designed and produced a Kio Fish using a wonderful Ubourous ripple clear and a fabulous orange, yellow, white stretched orange opal - way cool.  Then a   new set of coasters using clear with a red, yellow and purple frit and my favorite design of the day A wonderful Picasso design of a women’s face that depicts the way I was feeling today - she has two eyes that are offset - one eye is happy the other sad, one eye is purple it is shedding two bright purple tears, while the other is eye is black with mystery- her lips are a playful ruby red.  The entire design is set on a crayola yellow.  I call her mixed emotions.  Today was one of those days where thoughts from the past played in my mind of which I continually balanced with positive thoughts and emotions. The kiln was programmed with 7 segments. Tonight will be a late night.  Dinner at 8 consisted of   fresh pasta and tomato's from the Farmers Market, complemented with fresh herbs from my garden and of course a wonderful glass of red wine!  Life is good.  I forgot to mention my clay faces came out perfect!  I will be posting all the fun new dreamy artwork later this week.


Smile - today was definitely challenging!  The Art Gallery upon opening today found my Kaleidoscope Dream Box on the floor broken - This was a one of a kind.  The 3-D glass sculpture I am working on is more difficult than I had anticipated and it took me three hours to update the website with giclee's for sale under the photography page.  The designer of the website started a new job and is to busy to return calls and or set-up appointment to go over the issues.  I am winging it.  This has been a slow and painful experience.  It is 8:30 and dinner is waiting for me to finish today’s blog.  To end on a positive note - I sold a giclee, the fused glass that was fired on Sunday night came out fantastic and will be photographed and uploaded to the website some time this week - (if the website gods cooperate) Smiling - life is good - sometimes full of difficult surprises that tire me out and help me to grow - but still good!    Good night -  SWEET DREAMS!


Product is all packed and ready for Farmers Market tomorrow from 8-12.  We have the new Koi Fused glass fish, more functional art and few new yard art pieces.  From 1-3 we will be demonstrating Terra Cotta Clay Faces at Orisons Art Gallery for the McKinney Art Walk.  The weather is going to be sunny and upper 80's - perfect. I have some family coming in to share the weekend with!  I am really looking forward to seeing them and  experiencing the Art Walk.  McKinney Texas has so many talented artists all ages - very diversified!   I did receive a few more orders that I am currently working on and the 3-D Leaded Glass Sculpture is almost complete.  Researching product to attached fused face "Mixed Emotions" I would really like to see it mounted approx. two inches off of a polished aluminum.  What ever does not sell will be photographed this weekend and posted to the website.  Come see me tomorrow at the Farmers Market or Orisons.

Good Night and sweet dreams!

I am going to dream that I found the spell check on Joomlia and how to maximize the program - better yet - I will dream that the web designer calls me to teach me the in's and outs - Where Are you SUPERMAN?  You have a damsel in distress that needs to be rescued! ( is that spelled right?)


I will keep it short.  Today was a full day.  The Farmers Market was full of wonderful shoppers!  Sold out of Dragon Flies again, with orders for next week.  I was encouraged by the other artist to create a Green Man clay face.  Smile, he really came out cool.  It was sold to Sue before I even finished it - Way cool.  The afternoon was spent at Orisons Art Gallery were I demonstrated Tribal clay faces that could fit in the palm of your hands.  The children gravitated to me and I enjoyed asking them if they were an artist and the type of media they liked to work in.  After talking with me they now know what media means in the artist world.  Later a reception by the owners that was fit for an Artist - thank you Hamilton and Sandy - job well done!  Thank you God for providing me with the talent, experience and wonderful people to chat with.



Sunday Started with Worship and thanksgiving for a wonderful week.  I really should have taken the day off.  However, the entire afternoon was spent rearranging the studio and organizing the glass inventory in the new storage bin's!  WAY COOL - It really makes a vast improvement in the time spent looking & creating.  Monday I worked on the business paperwork and things around the house,  Laundry, shopping, boring.  Tuesday was a day to re-charge my batteries, read and design. I also found a piece of polished aluminum for my "Mixed Emotion's" fused piece.  While things are not moving as quickly as I would like them to,  I must find peace with the pace of the day.   Early today I mentored.  The rest of the day will be spent working in the studio on projects started - I have some copper foil pieces to finish and the 3-D leaded contemporize design requires some clean-up.  Smile then those wonderful dragon flies to make.  Speaking about Dragons,  I was commissioned to do a fused glass Dragon - the design is simple.  I am working on the colors and textures.  This piece is scheduled to be completed sometime next week!  Lunch is over - back to creating dreams!

OUTCH - Life in the studio is not always perfect - While soldering the last side on a box, hot solder fell on one side of the box and put a hairline crack in the glass.  I just took the box apart and will be starting the process all over again.....YIKES!

"Never give up on your Dreams - sometimes you have to start from the beginning to get the result you are looking to achieve and that is ok!"



OK - Dream Box's just about complete - Dragon Flies complete and ready for Farmers Market.  We will also be selling Funky Lady Bugs - back by special demand!  Hot,(no air in the Studio), tired and dinner still pending - see you all tomorrow at the Farmers Market.



As we Celebrate Memorial Weekend let us not forget what this holiday is about and stop to think about all the men that served in the Military and their family's!

The Farmers Market yesterday was a calm sea of people and their lovely family's making their special purchases to enhance their Memorial Day experience.  Thank you to everyone that stopped to chat, purchased some Functional  and Yard Art.  Hello to my biggest fan Ruth, to my newest friend Clare from Chicago and to the wonderful children that inter-acted with me while I created yet another Terra Cotta Clay Sculpture.  I always hand every child, with their parents permission, a piece of clay to play with while they watch me sculpt.  Yesterday a young girl handed me her piece back saying, "I made you something!"  It was a small finger pinch pot the size of her one of her fingers.  When I asked her what her name was she said, "Lillie!"  I will fire her piece with the rest of mine and have it on my table if she ever returns.

I sold enough products to purchase a 10X10 Ezy-up white artist tent to protect me from the hot summer sun! This makes me smile - I now own an artist tent.  A dream comes true!

More stepping stones made, Koi Fish cut and last weeks clay face’s fired in the kiln over night. I peeked in the kiln this morning - 1631 degrees and the faces are all intact!

This weekend I must finish photographing the McKinney Historical Neighborhood Homes.  This will do in the morning and early evening.  In between - dreaming up and completing Artglass designs!

Live is good - We give God thanks always - Through Him ALL things (Dreams) are possible!




It has been a busy Holiday Weekend.  Most of it spent photographing Historical Homes in McKinney.  One hundred and thirty to be exact.  All have been edited and catalogued.  Today the kiln was filled with Functional Art and a Dragon (commissioned work).  The Dragon was more difficult than expected.  The face consisted on 28 pieces.  By 3:56 PM the kiln was programmed with 6 segments.  I altered the segments. Slowing down the time for the temp to reach 1250 degrees by 250 degree's per hour.  This should squeeze out the few bubbles I have been challenged with, while giving me the dimension required in the pieces designed.  I also made a custom Stepping stone for a client.  By Six pm the Studio reached a 96 Degree Temperature.  The next item on the list to purchase will be an Air Conditioner!  A few minutes ago the kiln shut down and the cooling process started.  I can't wait to see the results in the morning!  I am wishing you all magnificent dreams and a wonderful night of sleep!


Sipping a wonderful glass of wine I am full of contentment.  The Commissioned Fused Glass Dragon came out looking enchanting and mystical.  We delivered it late this afternoon to my client who was very enthusiastic about the piece.  We stayed for Big Red Bugs ( Texas name for Craw Fish).  Because they were fully intact I could not eat them until some one else cleaned them for me. I did find them quite delicious!

The Farmers Market was warm and humming with some beautiful people.  My fused cobalt blue stars where a hit.  I sold out of them in the 1st 45 minutes.  It was nice to see Ruth, Amy and Amy's sister.  Enjoyed meeting Linda who has started on Face book 365 Things to Do around McKinney - this was her 1st time to the Farmers Market.  She really liked it! - Check out her Face book for more information.

The goldfish stepping was such a hit that I am going to do a fused piece in the same design this week.  More Dragon Fly's sold to out of towners.  They now have homes in Texas, Arizona, Boston and St. Louis!  Fused hearts were given to two wonderful small artists who stopped by to chat.  And yes the new tent looked awesome and kept us cool as the temp reached close to 100 degrees today!  The Director's Chairs just complemented the entire look!  Truly a dream come true - I always wanted an Artist Tent with Directors Chairs - Smile - way cool!

Tomorrow is a day of Thanks Giving.  I am ever so blessed and God needs to know how I feel - "To God be the glory great things He has done!"  Wishing you contentment in your dreams - never give up - you may be closer than you think!




The past few days have been quite busy creating dreams in the Studio. There was a little excitement yesterday when the temp control on the kiln started to smoke - YIKES!  Have no fear everything is under control.  It appears the insulation net on the brand new cord needed to be replaced.  Thank God the cost to repair was under $15.00.  The glass in the kiln was partly fused.  With a slight alteration to the firing schedule the fuse will be completed successfully!  The next few days will be spent on a trip to purchase more glass and much needed product for future production and design.  I will miss seeing everyone this Saturday at the Farmers Market and Orisons for Second Saturday.  However, Tommy will be there!



Today I arrived home from a wonderful trip purchasing much needed glass and supplies.  I understand the Farmers Market went very well last week.  Thank you everyone for checking us out!  My last Dream Box I had in inventory shipped out to Morristown NJ - .  This next week I will be very busy in the studio creating new Dream Boxes, filling orders and designing a window for a client.  I will also be working on application for "The Cottonwood Art Festival!"  - another Dream In The Making!  If you see something you like that has been sold on the website I can dream you up another one that will reflect you personally.




Today was a busy day.  Applications were made for the "Cottonwood & Frisco Art Festivals!"  New product was photographed and posted on the website.  Check out the fused” When you wish upon a star" and 3-D Artglass Sculpture.  I am really excited about the 3-D Sculpture!  The colors, textures and dimensions are awesome.  When the light hits it just fires up - way cool!   It will preview at Orisons Art Gallery during July's Second Saturday Art Walk along with a few other new contemporary art works.  Good Night and continue to follow your dreams!




Yesterday we celebrated Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year.  I also took advantage of this day to produce many orders and play with possible new pieces.  Houston Glass Artist Cyndi Seeburger gave me a new firing schedule to try out - thank you Cyndi! - Cyndi has been hired by Hollander Glass to head up the Fused Glass Department.  The changes she is making will benefit all warm glass user that purchase from them. Smile - I know that I am excited about the new inventory.  Awesome Job Cyndi - enjoyed hearing from you yesterday!

All the orders for the Farmers Market have been completed with the exception of a few.  These are pending the arrival of my new glass shipment due today or tomorrow.  Hello to Ruth who could not make it due to the heat - missed you!  Your Dragon Fly is completed and will be ready for you this Saturday!

Colors have been selected for the custom window I am dreaming up - with designs to be completed today - Got to run~~~~~~~~~~`




Did you know that "Living out your dreams can be more therapeutic than analyzing them?

Live out one of your Dreams today!   Laughing - quit analyzing what I just said - Just act on it!




Happy Fourth of July - today I carry thoughts of those who fought for our country, those who are currently serving and their families and all of us who work daily for peace in this world, with our families and those around us!

It has been over a week since I had an opportunity to write in my blog.  My life as been filled with many challenges and rewards!

Rewards, included having one of my Stain Glass Designs entered and accepted into the Laura Moore Gallery show "Echo's" to open on August 14th.  For the last year I have been on the outside looking in at all the wonderful artist who's work have adorned the walls of Laura Moore’s Art Gallery and now I am  going to be one of them.  This is truly a "Dream Come True."  I have admired Laura, her education in art which took her to Europe with a degree from the Art Institute of Chicago!  Her art work, style and technique have been an inspiration to me.  I have spent many hours studying and soaking in all the fabulous eye candy that monthly adorn the walls of her gallery.

Challenges, creating new fused glass pieces for this Saturdays Art Walk - Orisons Gallery.  Many pieces did not work out. Some cracked during fusing.  I was challenged immensely by Glass that had a mind of its own.  I would score a cutting line and it would take off in another direction.  I finally decided to design my new fused glass piece to follow the direction the glass wanted to go.  After a day of full fusing and a day of tack fusing the results will be know by this time tomorrow weather I achieved success.  I had a wonderful bowl crack during the slumping process.  This I will refuse tomorrow.  An artist friend of mine Cyndi Seeburber gave me these wonderful words of wisdom, "Never refuse to refuse!"

The Farmers Market was quite  hot and humid with sweaty bodies everywhere making their special purchases for the 4th of July Weekend.  I want to thank everyone who purchased and or  placed an order with "Dream Artglass....  SMILE - always enjoy talking with  and meeting new people.  They are an inspiration for my following weeks production in the Studio.

This weekend was spent in the Studio working to complete orders and new pieces for these weekends Art Walk.  The temperature was cooler outside then in the Studio.  Wishing you all a week full of challenges that turn into "Dreams In The Making."

PS - still looking for the spell check for this website...


OK .......... I promised that I would share with you the ups and downs.  Well, BIG Sigh ----The past few days have been very difficult to say the least.  The Copper Foil that I have been using on my Dream Boxes has decided to lift away from the glass only in certain places and only after I have completely soldered the box.  I just dismantled a box for the Third  time.  Then I go to check on a Bowl that I repaired, resurfaced with kiln wash, fired and thought I would be ready to slump a 14 inch round on only to find out that the repair pulled away from the bowl.  I will have to purchase a new form.  This piece will not be completed for this Saturdays Gallery Art Walk - UGH.  Another small bowl that I refused is also a bust....Not having these pieces completed for this weekend will throw off the entire balance of my wall in the gallery.  The impact will be missing.  I have resigned myself to paperwork for the rest of the day ...... Tired, Hot, Frustrated, bug bitten - I can only Dream that tomorrow will assist me in understanding so I can succeed at the task(s) at hand.


Smile - things did get better.  By the 9th I adjusted my pieces and completed them successfully for the Farmers Market as well as Orison’s Gallery”Second Saturday!"  The Farmers Market sales where good and I received new orders to be completed by the 17th.  Second Saturday went simply marvelous!  Michael and Howard did a nice job arranging my wall with the new Fused Glass pieces.  The Gallery was a maze of many new faces.  I met a lovely and quite interesting group of art fiestas.  Fun was had by all.  One of my Fused Glass pieces "Consistent Tranquility" sold and I received a lot of interest in the other pieces.  This week I will photograph the unsold pieces and post them on my website. Sunday we took the day off and spent the day at the Dallas Museum of Fine Art with a picnic lunch in the Sculpture Garden. Inspired by all the wonderful works of art I created a new piece to replace the one sold during Second Saturday.  I love when my life is moving smoothly.  Thank you to every one who has encouraged me and those that pay the biggest compliment ever and that is - purchasing my art work.




Good Morning all - I have a kiln shelf firing as we speak with tack fuse to a large piece scheduled for today.

I have been very busy creating new fused glass art pieces that will only be available at Orisons Art Gallery.  I have photo's that I am struggling with getting uploaded on my website - I spent two hours on the process.  The website timed out before the upload was completed - YIKES - if there is anyone out there who can help me with my website, please contact me!  It is very frustrating having a website that is not working properly. Laughing - I really need HELP!

Smile - life goes on in the studio.  The new pieces for Orisons Art Gallery are fabulous and fun!  They will be delivered the end of this week.  If you live in the area - come check them out.  I will let you know when they are posted on their website for viewing.

My Functional Art is brought me steady customers with the biggest interest in my Fused Glass Cheese Boards and Coasters. Orders are being designed daily.  I also am sold out of the Blue Wishing Stars and will need to produce more this week. I am test marketing a new Fused Glass bowl this weekend at the Farmers Market - fun piece - colorful and playful!

A commissioned Leaded Glass window was delivered this weekend with another one started.

Time to check on the Kiln...........


This week has been a real struggle. Today I missed being in the corporate world where I was paid to come up with solutions for some one else’s challenges. I believe the combination of the heat and designs not working added to the frustration.  However, I must not get discouraged.  I understand that Thomas Edison went through 50,000 experiments before he perfected the first alkaline battery   It took Mel Fisher 16 years before he discovered the sunken Spanish galleon off the Florida Keys - estimated value 400 Million!  So with that being said I will continue on.  I pray to hold firmly with my vision.  I am open to a major breakthrough.  I will do my part and trust God to take care of the details.


Smile - New pieces were delivered to Orisons Art Gallery Friday afternoon.  Saturday the Farmers Market kept us busy with customers, questions and inquiry's to follow-up on.  I enjoy talking with the wonderful people who support and have an appreciation for the Market.  My favorite encounter where a mother and daughter both out celebrating their birthdays.  They purchased "Wishing Stars" and then exchanged them with words of enchantment written on the very paper I wrapped them in.  It was truly a magical moment to witness their love for each other and joy that they shared for the journey of life as mother and daughter.  I begin with a smile and end with one.




There are people who God brings into our lives that hold the key to our promotion.  They hold the key to us reaching our full potential.  But these people are not here to help us or to give us breaks or open new doors: these are people that God places in our path so we can help them, and show them favor.  They are divinely connected to our destiny.  We won't go higher until we help them go higher.  You have to step out and sow a seed into those people.  The higher they rise, the higher you will rise.  I have found out that if you help others fulfill their dreams God will help you fulfill your dreams.  Interesting concept - try it - works.



The weekend flew by.  The Farmers Market was wonderful.  Many items purchased with some being sent to California and Boston!   My bracelets finally made there debut! The women loved them!  I also introduced a new line of "Celebration Bowls" - they are also gaining quite a bit of attention.  Pictures of my new items will be posted once I figure out why I am having a problem uploading them to my website.  I just ordered "Joomla For Dummy's" from So hang in there. Laughing - maybe then I will find spell check!

Thank you to the couple from England that told me about a cheese called - Camboloza.  This cheese was a combination of Goat and Blue Cheese - simply delicious on anything with a glass of wine!

Saturday evening was spent cooking for our friends with items purchased from the Farmer Market - Calamata Bread, Spinach Linguine with fresh herbs and tomatoes - simple and relaxing!

Work continues on the Art Noveau commissioned window and the kiln is filled with orders for this Saturdays market.  I am thankful for the air conditioning in the studio as the temps outside are currently well over 100 degrees.


7:30 AM Well, yesterday was certainly an interesting day in the Studio.  30 minutes after I programmed the kiln I began to smell electric burning, and then smoke started to take over.  I quickly pulled the plug on the kiln.  Then a few hours later the fluorescent lighting quit working.  Currently 50% of the lighting is up and working.  This morning work continues on the power box of the kiln.  I still do know the extent of the damage.  I am just grateful that I was in the studio when it decided to malfunction.  The studio is some what up in the air.  Today I will continue to focus on the commissioned piece and only hope that the kiln can be up and running soon.  The power in the studio is fairly new - I wonder if the extreme temperatures of over 100 degrees have something to do with this?  Smile - life goes on........

5:15 PM The electrical company that wired up my studio and my Kiln with a 220 line - just left.  It appears they installed it incorrectly.  With that being said - corrections were quickly made - however - the power box on the kiln is not working now.  They offered to purchase me a new one.  Since it is now after five we will have to call the Olympic Kiln Company tomorrow morning and get the component overnighted - YIKES - fused glass production will be a write off for this week - UGH........  The good news is that the commission window is turning out quite nicely!  Margarita's and dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant is definitely the ticket for tonight - We will celebrate that I still have my sanity and that the studio did not burn down.


The morning was spent corresponding with the Kiln Mfg., Electric company and UPS.   It has been decided to overnight them the entire box for the kiln and they will refurb it - then overnight it back to me.  If all goes as scheduled - the kiln should be up and running by sometime on Saturday.   The joys of running a glass studio.  I am thankful that the box can be repaired and that the electric company that initially set-up the studio is going to cover the entire cost to get me up and running correctly.  I am not mentioning their name as they have been very professional about working with me to get the glass kiln up and running in a timely manner.  Also, they have been extremely compassionate.

In life we all make mistakes - our success is measured in how quickly we acknowledge them and correct them.

Lunch and then out to the studio to cut and lead the last few pieces of glass in the commissioned window.  Hopefully by this time tomorrow the window will have been completely soldered and ready to mud with the whiting process to follow.

I need to focus on what I can get accomplished.  I let go of those things I have no control of as they will take care of themselves in time.


By the end of Friday I finished leading the commissioned window, received notice that the Kiln Box has been received, repaired and on its way back to me.  The Electrical Company will do the final installation sometime on Monday.  Everything packed and ready for the Farmers Market.  It has been so hot here (105 degrees) that the thought of doing the Farmers Market in those temperatures overwhelmed me.  At 7 AM Saturday we packed up and headed over.  The attendance at the Market was surprisingly good!  Sales were average - hey - that is ok - I met another group of great people.  The highlight was a family that just located here from Oregon.  We gave them the warm McKinney Welcome and then filled them in on all the fun stuff to do here.  For lunch we went to the local Pub and cool downed.  The rest of the day we just relaxed.  Today we gave thanks to God for all His blessings, grocery shopped, etc......  Tomorrow I will be up by 6 AM while it is still cool to start soldering the large commissioned window.  Later, the Kiln will be completed and I will fire her up.  YEAH!  Hopefully I will be able to save the glass work that was in it before it gave out.  Then off to see Laura Moore to finalize needs for this weekends Reception for "Echo!"  Live is Good!  Wishing you peace and contentment in all life journeys - the good, ugly and indifferent!  In the end it all works out - enjoy...........




The electrical box to the kiln was installed and tested late last night.  Early this morning I primed the kiln shelf’s and took the kiln to 550 degrees.  It worked just fine.  At 11:30 I loaded the kiln with product for a full fuse. Currently it has ramped up to 1275 degrees and climbing.  Everything appears to working fine.  The Commissioned Leaded Window as been mudded and in the whiting process.

Shortly I will be leaving to deliver "Color Palette" to Laura Moore’s Gallery for the show, "ECHO”, which will start this Saturday.  I am feeling like a little girl going on her 1st date with butterfly's.  The feeling is quite wonderful and scary!  I must tell you a story.  For every show at the Laura Moore Gallery post cards are done to promote the show.  in April the show was "The Noble Rot" a new series by Laura Moore.  I took the post card of the show and wrote on the back, "Dream - show work at Laura Moore’s Gallery.  This month the Dream is becoming reality!  Hard work + believing = Dreams In the Making!




This morning started with the "Happy Dance" as the full fused completed perfectly.  The product looks fab!  Today I filled up the kiln with items that would need a Tack Fuse. This included a few Cheese Boards and a wonderful Orange streaked Koi Fish to be tack fused on a wet Caribbean blue translucent.  I can't wait to see what the final product will look like in the morning.  The Commissioned Art Glass window is resting on the bench with finishing touches to be completed this weekend.  Getting back the rhythm in the studio is so satisfying.



Last night the Historical Downtown of McKinney Texas was flooded with Art Lovers from the Dallas Metro area. Laura Moore’s "Call to Artist Juried Exhibition - ECHO", opening night was beyond successful.  Reviews from those attending echoed with pure satisfaction and enjoyment!  I met many art fiestas with several opportunities to share and bounce ideas off of!  Fine wine was sipped, accolades' where given and received, art work was sold, friends were made!  Thank you everyone for an evening to treasure.  In the past I was on the outside looking in.  Last night my art work was on the inside looking out.  It took center stage in the window of the gallery - how cool is that?  Another dream that went from in the making to reality.  If you where unable to attend last night, I encourage you to schedule one day this month to visit and soak in the "ECHO" art show.  The talent represented by creativity in color, line, texture, dimension and media will be a roller coaster of artwork to manifest the creativity in you.


You have not heard from me the past week as it has been a busy one!  The commission window was completed and delivered to Orisons for framing.  I completed new fused glass pieces that included Dream Escape #2, Yellow, Black, Red & White Square Bowl, Several Cheese Boards and Bracelets!  Today I repurposed a copper foil fireplace screen into three separate windows for a client.  I designed and completed a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired panel for Farmers Market and a few more business card holders that will be completed tomorrow for inventory.  Four more cheese boards in the kiln for a full fuse with tack fuse tomorrow.

During the week met with clients and took them through the "ECHO" Art show.

With the children starting school this week and Tax Free weekend in place - the Farmers Market was slow.  I did get to talk to quite a few people.  And hopefully inspired a man to take time out of his busy corporate lifestyle to start drawing again.  I handed him a piece of sketching paper and a wonderful graphite pencil instructing him to put the pencil to the paper and draw!  Life is too short to restrict yourself to work and no creativity.  Take time to Live In The Moment - not just get through it.


YIKES - another exciting week!  Kiln required more parts to make repairs so it is still down.  No fusing done this week.  I continued to make more leaded windows.  Took pictures of commission window installed on site and had a wonderful visit with my son and his family who stopped by for a midweek visit.

The weather has cooled down and the Farmers Market was wonderful.  Many items sold, orders for next week and wonderful people of which we shared and exchanged idea's with.  Then off to Dallas for lunch and an afternoon of photography - fun was had by all.  Today I must finish a photography project while working on new and challenging assignment in the world of art - I will update you on this at a later date.

Sunday is a day of worship and thanksgiving.  I leave you with the below thought.

To walk with the peace of God in your heart is to transform the world by your presence.  When love is your keynote, there is nothing in particular you need do:  your gift is your being.  Many people seek to change the world by getting everyone to join their religion or organization, use their product, agree with their philosophy, or replicate their experience.  But real transformation does not come from manipulating people or events; it proceeds naturally from inner awakening and then living the light.

Let us move thought our daily activities with the peace of God in our hearts.


This week flew by. As I write I am sipping coffee with both my cats at my side.  We are all tired and have decided to wake up slowly.  The past week was busy with producing, designing and volunteering.  Wednesday was the last day for the Echo Show.  I enjoyed working Tuesday from 12-5 greeting guest to the gallery usually with discussion that followed as they critiqued the show and their favorite works of art.  The show closed after a successful run. The Farmers Market was quiet and HOT!  I used this time to research future projects on my Net book. Thank God for wireless!!!  A big thank you to all of my clients that stopped by to say hello and to the couple from the UK who purchased Function Art!

Last night was Second Saturday in McKinney.  The square was alive with artist and visitors enjoy their work, a fine meal along with a glass of wine.  Before heading to Orisons Art Gallery I stopped by to visit Annie Royer and view her show that previewed with a wonderful reception at SJS Gallery.  Then off to see Laura Moore to drop off shoes for a Labyrinth that will be built in front of her Gallery the last weekend of this month with all the shoes being donated to The Good Samaritan Inn. The rest of the evening was spent at Orisons meeting and greeting clients and artist friends.  Stimulating conversations shared over a glass wine made for a fabulous evening. Smiling for fun I brought over a new piece - a funky fused glass face displayed on a free standing gallery stand - He provoked a smile from quite a few visitors.  I call it  "Think About It!"  This morning I reminisce.  I must tell you since I cannot find spell check on this program I am using for my website - my husband is sitting across from me with a huge dictionary acting as my personal spell check - quite funny!  Once I get my engine running I have to prep the kiln shelves for a full fuse and then wind up a photography project.  The week a head has already been plotted out with meetings, studio work, volunteering.  The highlight will be Taste of Collin County tomorrow evening with all the proceeds to benefit Habitat For Humanity and the McKinney Creative Community gathering Tuesday Night.


For all you fellow artist out there that spend hours on a project only to realize that it does not work or better yet does not communicate the finish you where trying to achieve - SMILE - I had one of those days today.  I admitted defeat, cleaned up the studio and decided to call it a day.  Some days are like that in our world of art!  Off to "The Taste Of Collin County."  Tomorrow I will meet with a web designer for advice and direction on all the challenges that plaque me on my website - I hope to improve it immensely, even if it means starting all over again - YIKES!  The first think I want to know is WHERE IS SPELL CHECK -LAUGHING.........later


I BIG thank you for everyone that came out last night to support Habitat For Humanity at the Taste of Collin County!  Great eats, drinks, auction and live music.

The kiln is full of product being full fused with a tack fuse to follow tomorrow.  A good day to catch up on paperwork.

Tonight McKinney Creative Community!-



Another week gone by in a heart beat.  Let it be known that I did not miss a minute of it.  Every day was spent in the studio with exception of Thursday.  That is the day I got to meet a very well know Dallas resident and artist Mary Vernon.  She currently is a Professor of SMU and has her works displayed world wide. Her style is strictly contemporary and a joy to behold.  As a person I found her very concise and grounded in her knowledge of art.

The Farmers Market was enjoyed by all.

This morning I woke up early to view a new piece of art work that I designed with quite a few hours (days) in it.  The first process a full fuse went very well. Sunday it was placed in the kiln on a new stainless mold to be slumped.  This morning upon opening the kiln I found a rather interesting site.  It appear to me that the glass stuck to the mold and then was ripped away from in as it totally pulled away in the opposite direction of which it was designed - really weird. It was quite funny when I lifted the piece off of the mold the mold began to transform popping the glass that was stuck to it in the air.   I tried to stay out of the line of fire, put on my safety glasses and then quickly closed the kiln and thought of a Three Stooges episode I watched as a child and was amused by the whole process.   Pictures where taken and sent off to the company I purchased it from and I must admit they are also puzzled by the reaction as well.  Another piece of art work bits the dust - hopefully with a lesson to be taught once we analysis and come up with a solution.  OK - so life goes on!  Enjoy your work week and remember to live in the moment.  Don't drift away into the sublime.


The past week I spent in Boston and the surrounding area visiting several Museums, Art Galleries in the Cape and roaming Harvard Square.  It was quite a wonderful trip.  I found the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum quite intriguing. - You must go to the website to see what I mean.  Then it was off to the Boston Museum of Fine Art - There I saw a Monet that was very unique in that it did not look like the typical Monet style.  I found it quite amusing - which is what Monet wanted to communicate when he painted in 1876.  It was during a time when most of the Art Collectors in Paris where purchasing only Japanese Art.  Monet using his sense of humor painted his wife Camile in a Japanese Costume!  The painting is called La Japonaise - a must see!  I also viewed a pencil drawing of Picasso's during his early days which was quite normal - amazing!  Next off to the Cape to visit several galleries and quite a few artists.  My favorite was Johniene Papandreas in Provincetown. there I looked into the souls of the eyes she captured through the media of oils - These eyes in turn looked into my soul - the feeling felt through her paintings where thought provoking.  Boston is an easy town to get around in using public transportation.  Universities on every corner - highly educated - friendly people and fabulous restaurants.  Visited the owners of a Cranberry Farm - Thatcher Cranberry Farms to be exact.  Ray & Lorrie treated us to the largest Lobsters I had ever seen.  They were very much alive when they were placed in a boiling pot of water - YIKES!  We all sat in the kitchen eating, drinking wonderful wine and laughing - Fun was had by all - The next day our daughter took part in the harvesting of the Cranberries!

OK - back home - new product completed for tomorrows Farmers Market with more in the kiln fusing.  Yesterday I filled up the kiln with a popular seller fused "Wishing Stars" - stop by and purchase one before they are sold out again!

See you tomorrow at the Farmers Market ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Wow another week here and gone.  This past week was spent working with Ed Hoy on my Slump challenge.  The results were a new higher quality piece and a new spray to prime the stainless steel mold with.  Currently the new Mold is in the kiln now.  I am slumping a Koi Fish that I had in inventory. Laughing - the new mold was washed with Joy, cooked at 500 Degrees, cooled down, sprayed, prayed on several times with the results to my fan club tomorrow.

Last week I created more functional art (cool colors) and started on another 3-D Artglass sculpture.  The new sculpture has been cut out, wrapped with the  mud/whiting process completed.  This week I will begin to assemble.  I also have a few commission pieces to complete.

Yesterday I attended the Texas Art Symposium.  The education and information covered was priceless.  Definitely on my calendar for next year.    Tommy ran the Farmers Market.

Second Saturday as always was wonderful.  A relaxed atmosphere to hobnob with collectors and other artist while sipping a glass of wine!

Well as you know I have been struggling with getting my website up and running the way it was originally was designed.  Hopefully this week I will be given an opportunity  to get it back on track and find spell check - YIKES.

Check out Gail has done a wonderful job designing and posting the information on the McKinney Art Studio Tour scheduled for November 13th & 14th.  This years tour includes some wonderful artist.  I encourage you to check out the website for more information.

OK - I am cooked - well done - brain is fried - got to go - enough~~~~~~~~~ :)


Success -Yes the stainless steel mold worked perfectly

Much Happiness

I keep focused

Life gives you challenges to take you to the next level

Enjoy the results and keep smiling


Artists do get sick.  My turn was this week.  Today I am feeling much better and I am looking forward to getting out in the sunshine at the Farmers Market tomorrow.  I did manage to do some research while I was under the weather and complete a few pieces in the studio that required minimal attention.  I do not know about you but when I am not feeling well I really need words of encouragement.  So I came across these in my reading and wanted to pass them on to you!

Most great ideas and inventions were laughed at before they were appreciated.  Just because someone laughs at your idea or rejects it does not mean it is a bad idea.  It may just mean that you audience has limited vision.  Hold the faith in your vision(s).  If you believe it is good and you receive internal signals that you should continue, refuse to be put off by the options of the world.  Do it not for others but for yourself.

"if you believe, it means you've got imagination... you don't face facts.

If you believe, then you hang on- what can stop you?

If I don't make it today I'll come in tomorrow!   - Ruth Gordon



This week just flew by.  Studio time was spent on a commission and creating some new pieces.  The new pieces are still in the process of being completed.  I am quite excited about the color and the flow of the glass pieces that will be put together to complete the design.  The kiln did challenge me again this week.  Another loose wire caused one of the burners not to work - YIKES!

This was also a week to do probono work in the community.  I assisted a non-profit with administrative work, spent time mentoring and also filled the back packs of children with food who would otherwise have very little to eat this weekend.  I just love the smiles on their faces when they receive the pack backs.  What a wonderful ministry to be a small part of.  I encourage you - if you are not involved in some type of volunteer work which gives back to your community to find one and get involved.

Time to get everything packed up for the Farmer Market tomorrow.  You must stop by and say hello.  I will also be selling tickets for the McKinney Art Studio Tour.  For $5 you can tour 17 local artist studios and watch them work the weekend of November 13th and 14th.  For more information to See you at the Farmers Market!


Ok I can only laugh when I think about last Saturday at the Farmers Market.  It was total organized chaos.  The weather was threatening with tornado warnings all around us.  Most of the streets where blocked due to the Homecoming Parade.  Now if you did make it through it was difficult to find  a parking space due to the tearing down of the court house and most of the available parking was closed off because of this.  Now if you managed to get through and  where fortunate enough to find parking, you had to brave several kids and their parents trimming, weeding and raking the grounds.  You had to be there.  I found a broom and kept the sidewalks clear of debris and fun was had by all.  Not much was sold, however, we had a great time and thank God the storms held off until noon. A relaxing lunch at Churchill’s, the local pub, with the owner Marie at hand was the ticket to a crazy morning.

The days that followed where spent making product, creating new fused art glass for the gallery and a new Glass Palette II for display at Cafe Malaga while getting ready for my studio to be inspected for the McKinney Art Studio Tour.  In between this the kiln challenged me yet another time and I had to re-adjust my firing schedule on Full Fused items - YIKES>   The good news is, my studio passed inspection with an A++, Glass Palette II is 50% completed and my new fused glass piece Ribbons of Color on Glass Canvas is looking awesome!  The new firing schedule appears to be working and all is well in the world of Dream Artglass......

Now if our Rangers would get on board.  SF is up by 4 runs..........sweet dreams.


Laughing as  you know our Rangers did not win. - still proud of the team for doing as well as they did!

The past week was spent making fused glass product for the Art Studio Tour this weekend.  Smile and yes dismantling my new fused glass piece "Ribbons of Color".  I did not like the finish on the glass - so I carefully took it apart and I am refusing the ribbons of glass color as we speak.  If at first you do not succeed try again - so very painful some times as I really wanted to finish this piece, however it must be the way I have envisioned it.  I also received two more commissions for art glass windows.  One to start after the studio tour and the other after the 1st of the year!

Smiling - I am also working on creating a leaded glass mailbox to replace my very old and rusty ugly one.  I will let you know how I make out later this week.  I have never seen a mailbox done in leaded glass - so of course I must at least try to make one!

It was odd waking up and not going to the Farmers Market yesterday.  No worry's I did have a fun day at La Reunion a non-profit artist in residency program and I also enjoyed visiting the "Mourners" at the Dallas Museum of Fine Art!  The weather this weekend was just delightful.  Ok dinner is ready - must run - - enjoy your week and please make an effort to do something kind for somebody in need of a pick me up!


Well it has been a busy week of preparing for the Studio Tour, finishing projects, celebrating friends birthdays and a fun night at Cadillac Pizza to support fellow artist and song writer Zane Williams.

Mail Box update - SUCCESS - yes my Artglass mailbox turned out quite enchanting.  It was installed today and surprise - it works!  @ 4:30 the mail was delivered in the new Artglass mailbox!  I will post a picture once I get my website fixed to receive new photo's.

Ribbons of Color -is finally completed. This had to be the most challenging & frustrating glass artwork to date.  When you first glance it you would think - "That looks easy to do" - not so.  I decided not to bring it to the gallery but have it on display at my studio for the tour.  I am anxious to see if visitor's will take notice of it.

I am very tired, quite beat up by the weather and the expectations I put on myself!   Up early tomorrow morning for the final set-up for the tour.  Looking forward to meeting everyone and having fun!  FYI - "Second Saturday" in the evening.  If you can't stop to visit me at my studio - you must stop by Orisons Art Gallery in the evening for a glass of wine and more wonderful art!  See you tomorrow - sweet dreams..........


Saturday morning we where up at 6:30 to clean up after the raining windy storm from the night before.  Thank God for the wind as it dried out the ground enough where we did not need to use the straw from the ground.  However, the two bales where used as decoration and to hold down the signage we had created to promote the entrance to the Gallery due to the continued high winds.  By 10 AM the outside display was looking awesome and we where ready to greet our guest who began to arrive with the sun and blue skies!  Everyone who stopped by was totally in the moment and enjoyed learning the cliff note version of creating Fused Glass and the art of leaded glass as well.  I was thrilled with the attendance.  I met so many wonderful people and children.  One couple came all the way from Fort Worth to experience the Art Studio Tour.  Over the course of both days we had close to 100 guest visit the studio.  Each where greeted warmly and hopefully walked away feeling a connection to me and my art work!

A BIG thank you to everyone that paid me the biggest compliment any artist would hope for and that was purchasing my work – you are all awesome!  I also want to thank all my McKinney Creative Community Friends who stopped by just to say hello.

“Second Saturday” was also enjoyable.  A short stop at my favorite gallery’s with most of the evening spent at Orison’s Art Gallery sipping wine and interacting with the artfesta’s!

Monday – today was spent re-organizing, working on commission’s and getting ready for the Farmers Market of Chestnut Square this Saturday!  The most exciting part was slicing into my latest glass brick design with the tile saw.  The colors and design are fabulous and they are in the kiln being fired glazed.  I can't wait to see them completedThe kiln continues to challenge me.  It appears I will have to replace the top sometime very soon – YIKES!


Yesterday was a power day.  Started two new large bowls, sliced into my new glass brick and then fire glazed the pieces.  I must admit the color and design is very elegant.  Carmel, Turquoise, Black and Cream - very nice.  I then created five new bracelets and one new necklace.  All these will be available to purchase at the Farmers Market tomorrow.  I also delivered a few new pieces to Orisons.  I wish I could update my site with the pictures of my new work.  I still have not found anyone willing to help me with the challenge.  OK - today I will be slumping in the kiln and then off to school to mentor.  See you tomorrow.


The Farmers Market was GREAT and cold!  Everyone was Christmas shopping.  I continue to work on producing Functional Art, while working on another 3-D Glass sculpture that would be displayed on a gallery stand.

I would like to thank all of you who sent me notes communicating how much you enjoyed visiting my studio on the McKinney Art Studio Tour.  Your words will be the wind beneath my wings as I enter a very busy season.  Bless you all - including my friends in Dallas who are enjoying their Cobalt Blue Bowl.  You are AWESOME

This Friday and Saturday I will be on the Square at La Mish's celebrating Dickens On The Square!


Dickens On The Square last weekend was a wonderful experience.  The Square was visited and enjoyed by the young and the young at heart.  There was something for everyone to experience.  From Train rides, Carriage rides, Carousel's, Santa and his reindeers.  Wonderful food, desserts, music and local artworks for sale - the perfect Christmas gift was found by all.

I enjoyed meeting everyone that stopped by to admire my glass work and those that made purchases as well.  Smile - the best part of the weekend was watching so many families enjoying their time together.

The weather was cool and crisp - La Misha's cappuccino served in a wonderful red bowl kept me warm and content.  Thank you Sonya for hosting me in front of your elegant upscale restaurant - your generosity and heartfelt personality touched me in a very special way.

The last few days I have been busy in the studio filling orders, making more products for this weekend and I also completed my latest 3-D glass sculpture called "Circular Liquid Color".  It is 360 degrees of wonderful circular glass all colors and sizes displayed from a gallery stand.

Tonight I started cutting  a new batch of "Christmas Wishing Stars".  These will be made out of a slightly brighter cobalt blue as a limited edition for the Christmas Holiday!

As I update my blog "Home Alone" is playing.  It holds such sweet memories of time spent with my son's as they were growing up.  This was one of their favorite movie(s), along with "Lampoon Christmas Vacation", "Its A Wonderful Life"....... My all time personal favorite is the black and white movie "The Bishops Wife" starring Cary Grant, David Niven and Loretta Young!

Smile - such wonderful memories....Sweet Dreams!

Oh, and one more thing.  In all your rushing to create what everyone dictates Christmas should be - remember the best gift you can give another is YOURSELVE!   Simple and true!




It is hard to believe that this is the last month of 2010!  I am up late tonight as the kiln challenged me one more time and won.  l will not get into the detail however I will say that it did not get loaded until 6 PM which is really late for me.  I usually have it ready to run no later than 3 PM.  In between the challenge I managed to start the first in the series of two commission windows.  Thank you Susan for stopping by and insisting we take a walk today at 5 PM.  I really enjoyed your company and visiting our merchant friends downtown.  I even scored a nice Christmas Present!

Smiling heat has not been working at the house since Monday.  Today the service man finally arrived to give us the details on the problem and to let us know it may not be until tomorrow before it can be fixed.  Laughing the studio is warmer than the house and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Tomorrow I will finish preparing the stars to fuse on Friday.  A tack fuse on the present product firing and hopefully I will complete the window I have on the bench.  Oh yes I have some jewelry to put the finishing touches on for this weekend.

One more sip of wine, set the alarm for 4:30 AM and off to sleepy time.  Sweet Dreams my dear friend(s).


Wow, Friday was a power day.  AM - cooled down the kiln, removed the new Sushi Boards, filled up the kiln with wonderful Christmas Wishing Stars - off to mentoring.  PM - stop by florist, deliver flowers to Sonya at La Misha's to say thank you for all she did for me last week, delivered new 3-piece on gallery stand to Orisons Art Gallery.

Picked up a few presents at The Old Book Store.  Smiling - I just love this store it has so much character - reminds me of "Harry Potter!"

Next on the list was of to Chestnut Square to setup and decorate my space for the "Holiday Tour of Homes" Bazaar!  It took two deliveries in the little car.  I am so grateful a table was provided on site.  They set me up right next to the fireplace.  I dressed up the mantel  with production Christmas windows.  Donna's Creations put the finishing touches to the fireplace with her elegant wreaths and trees.

Back home to create a few jewelry pieces and then off to my favorite restaurant for margaritas!

Saturday was a lovely day at the bazaar - I made more friends and fans.  Every purchase was wrapped in textured brown paper accented with a cranberry ribbon.

Today I will be at the bazaar from 12 - 5 PM.  The home made crafted items are a must for your holiday giving.  Stop by for a cup of hot cider.


I really like the numbers in today's date!

My life this past week was scheduled and focused to accomplish all the goals I had in place with out stress and total enjoyment!  Tired and content my goals were all met.  With much enjoyment I might add.

Over 1500 cookies were made, packaged and sent off.

Commissions completed for Christmas deliveries

Christmas presents delivered for 4 Angels.

Special gift purchased for the young lady I mentor - to be delivered this week.  I can't wait to give it to her!

Laundry, ironing and yard work completed.

Second Saturday to relax and unwind with friends and wine.

Praise and worship today for prayers answered and those still in process.  No wonder I am exhausted.

The weeks ahead will be preparing for Christmas with my family.  Family is what the holidays is all about and I pray that you will take a deep breath, exhale the Christmas of the world and inhale the true spirit of Christmas, giving of yourself with kindness and an outstretched had of tolerance while celebrating the birthday of our Creator.

The greatest gift you can give is yourself wrapped up in a beautiful smile of love!

Merry Christmas everyone.............


2011 - A new book, A new design


A new year, a new canvas, with a new design that tells a story – my story.

I love the new year as it is milestone to affirm that one year is completed and another year is to begin.  How it begins and precedes forward it based on your decisions or indecision.  I hear the word design(s) in lieu of decisions.

The first days of 2011 I have been working on my new designs for 2011.  Designs require concepts, concepts require thought.  Thought requires getting deep into your inner self to look at the past designs and changing them as a means of growth.  It requires tapping into and following through with all those notes written through 2010.  Things that worked, things that did not.  People, venues, education and opportunities to following through with that may provide that next step.

Smile - the 2011 journey has begun,  Again I decided to take the road less traveled.  New commissions currently in the works, new sketches that will come off the paper into awesome 3-demsional works of art and yes new people to met.

I will continue to show at the McKinney Farmers Market of Chestnut Square and at Orison’s Art Gallery, however, new venues are being looked at.  I will continue to work on my website and I have found spell check for 2011. Yeah!


This week flew by as I worked on two commissioned windows for a home being built in the Historical District of McKinney.  The windows are reproductions of a 150 year old English window.  My client enjoyed the original window in her parent’s home from the tender age of a child.  She grew quite fond of the window and all the wonderful memories it provides and requested that I reproduce it for the new home she is building and will raise her own family in.  Building the window gave me great pleasure knowing the joy it will bring to my clients new home.  It required taking a rubbing of the original, then refining the pattern, making copies of which to cut the glass from and assemble it on.  The colors are a pastel turquoise, citrine and maroon accented with a highly textured clear antique glass.  I was able to find glass that closely matches to the original one. To achieve the texture in the Citrine I used a Tiffany technique of layering the glass.  The windows where then mudded with Whiting applied as a means to seal the lead & Zinc a round the glass. This will protect them in the elements. In a few days the completed windows will have patina applied to give them a wonderful Antique finish!

The weekend gave way to a meeting with Jay Silbur a local blacksmith who will forge a gallery stand that I designed to hold my next 3-D leaded glass sculpture with fused glass accents.

Saturday evening was enjoyed attending a church fundraiser and then off to Second Saturday to mingle with friends from Dallas and the McKinney area over a glass of wine and wonderful art!

As I write I look out the window at a wonderful winter wonderland - our 1st snow fall of the season.

Time to go out and find that perfect photograph…………library trees blk  white.jpg - 519.24 Kb


Well, I am chilled to the bone!  The temperature in my studio yesterday was 32 degrees.  With a heater and the kiln running it never got past 40 degrees.

This morning it was at an all time low of 18 degrees – YIKES!  The water has been removed from all the grinders and glass saws.

The kiln is annealing with a full load of Sushi Boards, Cheese Boards and jewelry. Once this is completed accent pieces of glass will be tacked fused to complete the designs.  By tomorrow the two commission windows will be ready for me to apply the patina.  Yeah they will be ready for delivery 1/15.

Yesterday I dropped off some bracelets to a wire artist in Plano Texas.  I love her work and she has a lot more patience then I do, when it comes to wiring.  Her name is Evie Rossi.  You will be able to purchase her wonderful wired book markers from me at the Farmers Market this year!

The Farmers Market is scheduled for this Saturday.  However, if the weather is anything like it is today the Market will be cancelled.



There is nothing I enjoy more in the studio than cutting glass with the sunlight on it. There is some so special about the connection of the sunlight to the glass. The warmth and sparkle of the sun following my score line is magical.

It was a cold and wet day at the Farmers Market.  While I did not sell anything I made new friends and was approached by The Dallas Morning News who interviewed me for a story to be published later this week. So glad I went!

Keeping warm in the studio this week was the greatest challenge. My studio has a lot of character which enhances the drafts that glide through without effort. One must start the kiln early, run the portable heater, and dress in layers and yes drink a lot of tea and hot chocolate! I recently took on tenants that sing to me on a daily bases. A family of birds found a safe, warm home for the winter. Commission work continues on leaded glass with fusing going on in the back ground.

As I finish writing this I am sipping on a wonderful glass of wine while watching a magnificent sunset – giving God thanks for His talent that he shares with all of us on a daily basis’s.

Tomorrow morning it is up and on the road early for a road trip to Houston for glass~~~~~~~~~ I can’t wait to discover something new.


Today is the perfect day to update my blog.  It is 17 degrees outside, the roads are iced over and it I can not get my studio over 32 degrees.  I am wearing my winter coat and scarf as the heat in the house has been shut due to a gas leak that is in the process of being fixed.

The trip to Houston for glass was exciting.  The night before I loaded the A-Frame in the back of the truck.  This will be used to safely bring back all of the new glass.  I also included two full sheets of glass that was sent to me in error that I was to return.  At 6 AM I was on the road with anticipation of my 1st cup of coffee.  Well, I forgot about the two sheets of glass in the back and turn the corner to quickly – you can only imagine the noise when the glass went flying off the A-Frame and shattered in pieces.  OK – back home off load the broken glass and let’s try this again.  The rest of the trip went very well.  As always I came back with some very exciting glass, molds, etc.

The week to follow included off loading and entering my new glass in inventory, creating and fusing new Yard Art, Sushi and Cheeseboards.  I also touched base with Jay the Blacksmith.  He is making the free standing Gallery Stand that I designed!  It should be ready for powder coating late this week.

I have a confession.  One of the commissions I was working on had to be remade.  The final polishing of the window(s) revealed a hairline fracture in the citrine glass.  During the soldering process I heard stress in the glass.  (If you work with glass you know exactly what I am talking about) Upon reviewing the piece I did not see any thing.  I made a mental note and finished the window.  Was I frustrated with myself upon finding the fracture?  – Absolutely – I was so ready to move on to the next design.  The thought of starting all over again – UGH!   Well, I got over myself, embraced this latest challenge and re-made not only one but two more windows.  I am keeping the 1st pair as gift myself.  I rather liked the design and I can live with a hairline fracture, life is full of them!

“We dreamers have our way of facing rainy days and somehow we survive!”


Yes, I am back to writing in my blog. To my loyal readers thank you for not giving up. While I did not fall off the planet, I must admit it had me spinning in all directions repairing, broken water pipes, gas leaks, Kiln, etc – YIKES!

With all the challenges sent my way I used all my energy to survive.

“We dreamers have are way of facing raining days. With the strength and grace of God we survive.”

Having the kiln down the past month I was able to complete the newest leaded glass sculpture. It is complemented by a 4 ft iron gallery stand which was designed specific to the over all work of art. Jay Silber a local Blacksmith Artist did a wonderful job making the stand. This piece will make its preview at Orison’s Art Gallery of McKinney at “Second Saturday” March 12th - this weekend! The name of the piece is “Mardi Gras” which was found appropriate for this time of the year and also ties into all the chaos in my life while designing it. Please come join me for a glass of wine and “Celebrate” over coming adversity.

This weekend there are two other very important Art Shows being held at the Heard Craig Hall in McKinney you will not want to miss! The Collin County Art Show being presented by the McKinney Art Club and the Judged/Juried Heard Craig Art Show. Both are from 7-9 PM. After nine a group of artist will be hanging out at “La Misha’s Restaurant, located on the Historical McKinney Square. See you this weekend~~~~~~~~~~~~




The dream continues. This past weekend I participated in two art shows: the prestigious “Heard Craig Juried Show” and “The Collin County Art Show”. I am pleased to blog that “Liquid Color” was awarded 1st place in the 3-D Contemporary category! The judge for this division was Mary Vernon of United Methodist University of Dallas Texas.  That evening I unveiled “Mardi Gras”, a 3 foot gallery stand that I designed and incorporated glass within it. Here is a picture of it in my studio.


Jay Silbur a local Blacksmith artist built the stand for me. Nice Job Jay!mardi gra front 1.jpg - 643.09 Kb


This week I am working a repurposing a 44x18 window, fusing in the old kiln. Yes, fixed the ever aging lid again. In between I am working on my product for the Farmers Market this weekend. On Thursday I will be at the one in Adriatica McKinney and then on Saturday the Farmers Market of Historical Chestnut Square.

Ok got to get back to work.




I must admit that too much time has past since my last blog. This is due to the fact that while I took on quite a few projects without much time alloted for unexpected challenges that life will have pop up in your life when you least expect it. I kept focused on the task(s) on hand. Always happy when one was completed and taken off my checklist. I also had to remind myself to keep focused and in the moment as often I would allow my mind to look at the projects I was juggling only to become overwhelmed. Living and working in the moment not only expedited my accomplishments but also gave me great satisfaction.

In short since last time I blogged, I finished another commission, created new product for the Farmers Market while working it every Saturday, in addition to entering the McKinney Living Photo Contest and The Plano Art Association 125 Art Show. I also particiapted in the McKinney Art Walk held last week. In front on Orisions Art Gallery I did a demo on how I design and construct my 3-D glass circular sculptures.  Smiling I won the photo contest!  Below is the cover of the McKinney Living Magazine April edition featuring the Arts & Entertainment.  This picture was taken at dusk on the Historical Square on a hot summer night.  I was out for a walk with my camera when I captured this moment in time.  I love the reflection of the lighting on the brick street.


mckinney living.bmp - 1.35 Mb


I also was notified today via e-mail by The Plano Art Association that one of my art pieces was accepted by the judges for their 125 juried show. There where a total of 365 pieces of art entered. Only 75 could be accepted. I am so please that I made it into the show. The reception is May 4th (see home page under venue's for details). At that time they will announce the winners. Please save the date to come out and enjoy the show!  I





I will work harder to keep you updated better.  Sorry about the font - my website is not cooperating again!




Smile - It is so good to be able to sit down and update you on what is going on with LC Tobey and Dream Artglass! 
I had quite a few challenges.  The biggest one was not having the use of my main computor.  It is so nice now to be able to sit down and access all of my files and records.  It is amazing how much we rely on our computors. 

Family is very important to me and my life.  I had the opportunity to host a 1st Cousings Reunion.  The Theme for the weekend was "Sprit Lead - Heartfelt".  It was so joyful to caught up with each other.  The laughter, stories and tears brought us even closer together! 

In between all of this I kept up with my artwork.  So needless to say I was stretched thin and something had to give.  So that is why it has been so long since I updated my blog.

I have also been working with a group of artist on the Mckinney Art Studio Tour which is schedule this year for November 12th & 13th.  I will keep you updated on the progress.

Today I am at the Farmers Market.  The weather is cloudy and humid and the spirits are high.  Enjoy your weekend!

In the studio I completed quite a few commissions with new ones on the horizons.  This week I am designing pieces for a National Dog Show! 

Got to run - thanks for checking in.

Finished the Dog design and it was a hit!  More on the horizon -  LC




The past few weeks have been very busy in the studio. All commissions completed and delivered. YEAH finally time to work on Gallery pieces.

Four new pieces where created and delivered to Orison’s Art Gallery this week:

Aqua Stream of Color – 3-D Wall Sculpture in cool Aqua, White and clear textured Glass.

Simply Natural -3-D Gallery Sculpture done in rich browns, gold’s with a touch of rainforest greens and yellow.

Spiritual Connection – Framed 2-D Fused glass done in rich Santa Fe colors. An Abstract Sunset intermingled with spiritualism creating a connection.

Ebony & Ivory – very fun piece of slumped piano keys!

Several new pieces of Yard Art created. Puzzle pieces, Yard Lady, Dragon Fly and Lady Bug. Funky Bird Bath with terra Cotta Clay faces in the bottom of the bowl. Large Cheeks and nose allow the birds to perch and bathe!

This week I will be completing a 17 in bowl. I painted two horse heads with glass paints, fired the glass last week. This week I will be experimenting with Copper & Metal Inclusions on this piece with hopes of success!

Wishing Stars and Bells have sold out and I will be dreaming up new ones to sell at next weeks market, along with another “Celebration Bowl”.

Hopefully I will find time to photograph and post pictures of my new creations on my website this week.

Since August of 2010 I have been working with a visionary Artist by the name of Annie Royer on Non-Profit – The Arts and Music Guild. After much planning and work our 501C status was received!!!!! Intermingled with my studio work I will be working as an Administrative Lead to promote and grow The Arts and Music Guild. Membership is growing, mentoring has started and planning for an Arts and Music Festival is in the works and will take place mid September of this year. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. To keep updated check out our website daily and request to be put on our e-mail list to received information on up and coming events.

I continue to sell my Funky Functional Art at the McKinney’s Farmers Market of Historical Chestnut Square! I have met so many new faces and with stories to be heard. My fondest memory yesterday was watching a mother and daughter enjoying the Market and the Ice Cream Crank off. As they were strolling past my tent, she commented to her mother, “Mom, it is really peaceful here!”

May you feel the same peace this child felt - That is my wish for you this week?



As I have my lunch today I try to catch up on my blog.  One reason I fell behind was due to computer issues.  The other is working on several projects with deadlines that all fell within these last few weeks.

Farmers Market – The Farmers Market has been keeping me busy with despite the 100 degree days that we have had to work in.   I have been selling a lot of wishing stars, yard art signs, bird baths and bells.  My Jewelry and Functional art would be a close second.  To keep up with the demand my kiln has been running 24 seven.

McKinney Living – In July’s issue I had several photo’s published in the following articles:

McKinney Alfresco – A Guide to Outdoor Dining photo’s included Patina Green, Sauce and Café Malaga.

Summertime Smoothies’ – All photos’.  This was a fun project as my Husband made the Smoothies’ and I photographed them.  Then wedrank them all – very delicious.  There was not one that Idid not enjoy!

Frank and Jesse James – The lead in photo of the house was Mine.  I must admit this was not an easy house to photograph due to the surrounding.  I managed to get the perfect angle!

Juried Art Shows – There where two very important juried Shows I wanted to enter.

Laura Moore Fine Art Gallery “The Edge”.  The deadline for rntering this show was June 30th.  All art pieces where to be created specifically for this show with a theme of the Edge reflected in them.  This project made me very edgy sometimes.  I did manage to come up with five concepts:

1- Red – Photograph taken in “Deep Ellum” which is considered an edgy neighborhood of Dallas.  It was a close up of red paint peeling off of an old truck.

2- Old & New – Photograph taken on Martha’s Vineyard on the edge of Vine Haven Harbor of an old boat house door with a new lock.  The grain was very edgy.

3- Glass 2 Glass – Was developed due to a pretty edgy thought of Me and the famous glass artist Chilhuly!  While in Boston I visited the Chilhuly Exhibit and photographed two of his bowls.  Then edged one of the glass bowls with glass that I hand cut and fused and adhered to the photography print!

4- Clearly the…… - is a simple piece of cleared fused glass with a Edge displayed on a gallery stand.

5- Tired Glass – Here my creativity too me to the edge – using my Miata I ran over 5M aluminum, applied White Linen Dry Enamel and then fused the Aluminum between two pieces of clear glass creating a metal inclusion. Very cool –

All of the above pieces where accepted!  For more information on the show go to

The other Juried Art Show I entered is the “29th Annual Art in the Metroplex Visual Arts Competition”.  This show will be held in September and I will not know if I made it in until mid August.

Art and Music Guild – Membership drive in full swing.  Working with students from UTD who will develop our marketing stogies and a lead in the planning of our 1st Art and Music Venue that has been rescheduled for late October of this year.  Also working on being a participant in the Dallas “12 Hour’s of Giving”.

MAST – McKinney Art Studio Tour.  Working as publicist for this event which will take place mid November of this year.

Other special projects included photographing food for a local restaurant to be used in their marketing and new menus!  I also was part of a movie being produced by the Episcopal Archdiocese of Dallas to encourage other churches nationwide to get involved in adopting a local school and mentoring.

So you can see why I have not written in my blog for a while.  Now I must complete getting ready for tomorrows Farmers Market.

Looking forward to meeting new people tomorrow and greeting the familiar ones.




A warm and sunny hello. Between the heat in my studio and that which we are experiencing outside, getting my artwork done has been very challenging. Last week was busy creating new function art as well as a new gallery concept. The Farmers Market was extremely busy with wonderful people to greet, sell, talk with and brainstorm with for new concepts. A few weeks ago I purchased a Rock Tumbler and started tumbling all the scraps of glass that I kept. The results are similar to that of Sea Glass! I am now selling it in small bags as recycled tumbled glass for $5. Quite of few people have purchased it already. The small children upon permission from their parents are allowed to take a few pieces home for fun. The glass is very colorful and smooth. Really looks and feels great. I added some to the bottom of a clear fused glass birdbath and the comments where all good from the crowed at the Farmers Market.  I loved watching the children put their hands in it to touch.  This week will be giving birth to my Gallery Concept and producing a few special requests from fans at the market.  I will let you know how I make out.


It is 3:20 PM - I am just returning home from a very exciting day.

It started at 6:30 this morning with setting up at the Farmers Market.

I was greeting with smiles at 8 AM by returning customers and friends Todd and Julie who bicycled 8 miles to the Market to purchase some special gifts for their friends.  From that moment on I had a steady flow of customers and friends stop by.  A piece of Yard Art I created in fused glass and called “The Tomato Lady” was purchased by a husband to surprise his wife with for her garden.  “My wife has been admiring your work” he said. “When I saw this one it made me laugh and I must have it”.  A wishing star was sold to a woman for her newly born son to take back to Germany where her husband was stationed.  Many sweet dreams are wished for this child.   The stories just kept coming.  I love this part of my job!

Henry the local Wood Carver at the Farmers Market came up with a wonderful hand carved wooden knife for my Cheeseboards. I liked them so much that I have commission Henry to carve all of the knife’s to sell with my Cheeseboards.  I am so excited about the collaboration!   Thanks Henry.

Another vendor is using my Repurposed tumbled glass to create wired jewelry – how cool is that

All special requested glass designs where delivered and enjoyed.

Later that afternoon on my way to the restaurant “Spoons” on the Historical Square of McKinney, I was greeted again by Todd and Julie who where enjoying a glass a wine at Landon’s Winery.  They invited me and my husband to join them.  Well, who could say no to a wonderful glass of cool white crisp wine!  Over wine there where more stories to be had, friendships grown deeper, laughter and smiles to share!  What a perfect way to wind up a hot summers afternoon!  Thank you so much Todd and Julie for the wine and being your self’s.  The next glass(s) will be on me August 13th at the opening reception of the “Edge” at Laura Moore’s Art Gallery.

Well, I have got a busy week ahead of me…….YIKES!

Got to run~~~~~~~~~~~~~




Today is Saturday.   As I write there is a warm breeze that surrounds me. The hummingbirds are working in the garden to the sound of Fiddlers and Flute playing in the background.

Several people have stopped to visit or make a purchase. The children are allowed to select a few pieces of tumbled glass to remember t heir day at the Farmers Market. I am very fortunate to be able to sell my Functional Art in such a lovely location.

This weekend I introduced my new line of cheeseboards with a wooden knife hand crafted out of beech wood by the local wood craftsman Henry Slater. Henry designed these specifically for me! Greet job Henry. These handcrafted knifes take the product to a whole new level.

Dream Artglass is also selling Beautiful one of a kind fused glass Wine Stoppers, added a new line of jewelry and home décor items all made from recycled glass that was tumbled and refused with a unique design.

There is a very busy week ahead with orders and commissions.



The past two weekends at the Farmers Market have been AWESOME!  The same winds that brought us the 100 Degree weather returned and took it away!  With cooler temps I took my glass cutting out doors creating new art work within the edge of fall’s arrival. Clients are placing orders for Christmas gifts – with three commissions’s that where designed and delivered this weekend with the Holiday in mind.  I continue to run the kiln from evening to dawn five to six days a week.  Second Saturday was delightful!  This is my opportunity to relax with clients and fellow artist over a glass of wine.  During the evening I observed a four year old little girl walk in with her mother.  She walked directly up to my fused glass piano key board and proceeded to try and play it.  – Smile!


Tired and content - LC




This is a test - hopefully my blog is up and running.  If this works - I will give  you the cliff note version to catch you up with life in the fast and furious world of glass and photography.


Yes it is posting !!!!!


Cliff Note UPDATE:


September through the end of 2011 was busy with Holiday commissions.  My sales exceeded that of the previous year!

2012 started with designing and adding new product to my functional line. This included appitizer plates, Wine Stoppers, Splat Bowls, Yard  Art Mobiles and wonderful Bird Baths.

The Farmers Market started mid-April and it was wonderful to see all my old friends while contining to make new ones.

My photography has been published in most of the McKinney Living magazine with a few covers this year with more on the horizon.    I also had the opportunty to write a story on Laura Moore and her gallery located here in the Historical District of McKinney.


A wonderful cat by the name of Chester adopted Chestnut Square.  He arrived not quite a year ago at the Farmers Market.  It was love at first sight and a series of books written about his warm and playful personality and interaction with all the visitors of Chestnut Square Historical Village.  The first book is due to be published in the fall.  I will keep you updated on the annoucement.


Two weeks ago The Dallas Morning News Published an article about my Yard Art with a focus on my Bird Baths.  To see it go to http/

In Septmeber I will be the featured Artist at Orisons Art Gallery. In between my commissions and Farmers Market work I am creating a wonderful 15 ft fused glass sculpture.  Of which I will elaporate on as the days go on.

I am glad to be back on track with my blog and must return to work in the studio.  LC


Today I am pondering my next move on a 15 x 4 foot wall of glass design I am working on to be installed in Orisons Gallery in September when I will be the featured Artist. Smiling - no it is not one solid piece but a total of 15 which will be put together with stand-offs and nesting stand-offs. I am feeling quite small this morning as my project appears quite large.  Don't get me wrong, I am not feeling defeated.  The main design, and glass cutting and fusing is going well.  The Center piece is completed with much satisfaction.  However after three eight hour days cutting and grinding on the left and right pieces it is time to make a final decision on the color to be fused to the top. I though it was going to be black. Yesterday I did test  pieces and fused it last night.  This kiln this morning was at 452 degrees.  I picked in as I am anxious to see the results of the various technique and it was at this point I am wondering if black is the wrong choice.  The colors I am using for the design is right on.  The technique in which I am applying it  is  not quite where I want the art piece to be.  It will take 4-24X48 uncut pieces of glass to complete the cutting of the top pieces of glass.  This means I am very limited to my color choices unless I want to place another order.  Today was suppose to be a day of total glass cutting - now it has become a time of decision with design.  I will keep you posted on the results of the day.  For those of you who went to the Farmers Market this past Saturday, now you know why I was not there.  I must admit I missed being their.  In addition to the fact the Money Magazine was there doing a story on McKinney.  I got to met the two photographers from California and the Writer Shala from New York when the stopped by the Visitor Center at Chestnut Square.  I gave them  alot of information on the Historical District and told them about our famous Farmers Market that is ranked 5th in the Nation and 2nd in the State of Texas.  As much as I wanted to be at the Farmers Market I knew I had a responsibility to work on my Art work for my show in September in September.  Enough rambling.  Back to the studio to check the temp of the kiln and look at my samples to make a design decision.



July 30, 2012

This has been a week of trial and error resulting in growth.  The work continues on my gallery piece to be previewed at Orisons Second Saturday September when I will be the featured artist.  With all the heat and fires going on in our Nation I was inspired to create a show call "Fire & Glass".  The glass will depict the progression of Mother Nature.  Beauty, color, fire, and the way she recycles the earth to unveil new growth.  The photography will capture the aftermath and evidence of growth within the destruction all around.  I have been documenting the progress of the project which is 50% completed.  The challenge has been the size and the design of the pieces that I have been cutting and kiln firing.  More later.  I enjoyed being back at the Farmers Market this past weekend.  Despite the 103 temps we had a wonderful crowd and plenty of sales!  So it is back to the studio for me - LC


Well it is 4:30 AM and I am wide awake thinking of everything I have got to get accomplished.  Supplies to make birdbaths, the final pieces to cut for the Fire & Glass wall, putting the finishing touches on product for the Farmers Market tomorrow.

The Fire & Glass project is coming along - I must admit this has got to be the most challenging piece of artwork to date.  Between the size, concept and application of color - YIKES!  Glass  coloration is a day by day event as the true color is not visual until it is fired.  Currently I have two pieces in the kiln one of which I cannot wait to see - it is all done in homemade frit created made of recycled glass to represent the sun .  I received three more commissions for gallery pieces from a private party in Dallas.  I am very excited about the conceptual designs we discussed and will look forard to creating them after my show.  Second Saturday Orisons Art Gallery is having a show of all local photographers with a "Peoples Choice Award'"  Please stop by and vote while enjoying a glass of wine.  There is really a lot of great photo's to view.  Laura Moore is also opening up her show "Hide Out" which features local artist who all extremely talented and nother place to  hide out at Second Saturday.




To tell you the truth I do not know what day it is.  Smile and that is a wonderful thing.  Yesterday I drove to a remote area of New Mexico to document through photography the effects of the fires one month later.  This is part of my September Show "Mother Nature Fire & Glass.  At sunrise i was out walking the over 40 acres of land looking for that perfect shot.  You see 30 of the 40 acres where touched in one way or the other by the fires.  My friends are thankful that the house was not harmed.  Although the fires were devastating to over 350 family's who lost their homes I look for the beauty and the recyling process that is going on to reclaim the land.


Last night the stars where amazing.  I actually saw the Milky way for the first time and will be photographing it through my friends magnificent telescope.  The only connection with have is the internet and quite frankly I am enjoying the peace of being tucked away from the rest of the world.

Last weekend the Farmers Market was enjoyed immensely.  I was happy to see a mother and daughter who purchased "Wishing Stars" for each other a few years back returned to visit with me.  They honored me by purchasing Functional Art from me.

Smile and hello to you all.


Today as I write I am sitting on a mountain top in New Mexico with a 68 degree wind brushing my face.  Blue Skys and white clouds dot the sky.  The past few days have been working on photography that would capture the results of the fires and the healing of Mother Nature already in progress.  It was very  hard to capture that one photo that would show you the audience the immense area the fires covered.  Yesterday I believe I finally achieved it.  Several photo's where taken of new growth inhibiting the land.  The healing process of Mother Nature is already in progress.  There is only one more photo to catch and that showing the return of animal life to the effected area's.  I know that they are out their however they are being very cautious of making their present known. Later this afternoon we will visit with a wonderful pottery artist Ivy Hamann in White Oak.  She is a personal friend to my friends and family.  I am looking forward to meeting her and experiencing her working studio.  Off for a walk with my camera.





The visit out White Oaks to meet and spend some time with Ivy Hamann was awesome.  Her pottery is amazing and she is every bit of that herself.  The area she lives in is very remote with a wonderful view of the Capitan Mountains.  She lives and works all by herself since the late 80's.  I loved her wimsical sense of humor.


This morning at sunrise a herd of deer stopped to graze in the meadow in front of the home I am staying at.  I slowly opened the door with my camera in hand and was able to take a few pictures of them before they scampered offf.  Yeah!  I will up and waiting for them to return tomorrow.  While have coffee a remarkable humming bird decided to fly into the french doors to great me.  I have never seen on quite that large and loud.


The rest of the day was spent cooking and just being lazy.  What a pitty!




Well the Awesome trip to NM is winding down.  We will be leaving in the morning.  This was time of reflection, photography, hiking, and just relaxing.  I now have to decide what photo's will go into the September Show.  An Extensive cloud study was done to document the inspiration for the curves in my glass that depict my interpretation of the way Mother Nature works.  Upon returning home my focus will return to completing the glass portion of the show.  A glass of wine in hand  I sign off of a beautiful trip with expectations of returning.





Wow I have been home for quite some time and yet could not find time to write.  I still have not unpacked since returning from NM.  Way to busy.  The kiln has been running 24-7.  Hardware has been delivered from Hang your Glass for the 15 Ft wall and today I met with the Gallery on the layout for the show and submitted the final photographs to be used.  Tired and content I look forward to seeing the entire show of "Mother Nature Fire and Glass installed while sipping wine with my counterparts.  I will be receiving the news release soon on the show which will give you the background on the project.  This will be posted to my website upon receipt.  You sometime wonder if the work will be well received - will the people view it get it???  Time will only tell.  Until I find time to write again I sign off to watch an old movie and relax.




So heres the deal HOT HOT and did I say Hot.  The studio is HOT, outside it is HOT, I am HOT  Yikes!  I am so ready for the cooler weather to arrive.  I am usually very upbeat but today I am hot and tired.  Could it be the heat or West Niles????


Work on the Gallery opening continues.  Yesterday we worked on installing the hardware ( Stand-offs) for three hours.  Today we have one more to go with the every so fun Splat Bowls to be completed this time tomorrow.  I have two pieces on the table in the studio that I am winding up and one more bowl to slump.  Will I get it all done by Friday?  I stopped by Orision,s and got a sneak preview of the enlarged photographs - some of them took my breath away.   Story's have been published in the Dallas Morning News Neighbors to go and on   Friday is the major installation of the show.  Once it is completed I will be posting a preview on my website.  OK got to focus on the next step to completing everything.

Did I tell you it is HOT here?



Today is the BIG day - All artwork to be hung at the gallery - Yikes.  As I type I am only on my second cup of coffee thinging - "What was I thinking when I came up with the concept and design for "Mother Nature Fire and Glass?"  Yesterday I spent three hours washing and wrapping glass to transfer to the gallery.  The 16 Pieces of glass that create the 12 Ft x 4 Ft 3D glass design of Mother Nature .  Each piece has its own hardware in which to hang from that had to be tape to each wrapped  piece of glass.  Not sure how long it will take to load and unload let alone hang.  The big challenge is to keep it straight and level.  Each piece is marked accordingly.  Next, there is the SPAT Wall consisting of 5 playfully cut and slumped glass bowls.    Not to mention the Gallery Stand Pieces - "Plant a Seed Watch It Grow", "Rough Cut Re-Active Glass Bowl."  "Dance With Koipele" and the collabrative piece my husband I worked on - "Rock On".  I ask myself how I am feeling - The answer is focused and scared - as you see if I break any piece of glass there is no replacement or back.  I must carefully install this show.  I am praying Drue my Welder finished the center piece a 4 foot polished triangular Stainless steel stand that will have one of my bowls free floating on it???  The design is sleek and modern.  As I write he just text me wanting to know when I will arrive at the gallery - Smile.  The Gallery will be responsible to hang the photographic side of the show.  I will be praying through the whole process - with God all things are possible!   Time to check the bowl in the kiln slumping - Get dress and start packing up the truck.  While there is a part of me that is a "Deer in Head Lights" there is another part of me that can already see ever thing in place and ready for the Gallery reception.  My wonderful grandmother always said, "If you can see it - you are half way to reality.  So for you Gram I move on and embrace the hours ahead of me with confident's.



Ok it is twelve hours later and I have elated to write that the project is 97% intalled.  I must admit all went very well.  I unpacked all the glass.  Micheal and I worked very well together on installing the final hardware for both the "Mother Nature Fire & Glass' and "Splats or Rain".  Drue arrived at the gallery with the four foot polished aluminun stand for the free standing bowl.  This was my first glimpse of the piece - it was just as I imagined and looked just like the  design.  I decided it needed three more supports.  Drue will complete these in the morning.  Phillip worked all day on the matting and framing of the photography.  I put my signature on them with much elation.  These will be hung tomorrow morning while I am at the Farmers Market.  The photography work done by Orisions exceeded my expectations!

So tired, content with a glass of wine and M & M's I write with much graditude that all went well today and that we did not loose one piece of glass during the installation.  I look forward to see my clients at the Farmers Market tomorrow and then going to the gallery to put the finishing touches on the show.  Sorry no photo's today - much to busy with just having fun with setting up and installing the glass work.   Hope that if you are within distance of the Gallery you will stop by tomorrow to view the efforts and creativity of three months worth of work and be able to get into the moment and see what i see and simply enjoy.




It is the morning after (actually afternoon - Yes I slept in) after "Mother Nature Fire & Glass" opening reception.  I will use the following words to decribe:  Wow, Fun, Appreciation, New fans, family, friends, Flowers, music, wine and Huge sigh of contentment.


When I envisioned this new body of work I went in knowing it was huge but quite frankly did not realize the amount of work it would take to complete at the level I envision. After a stress free installation, Amazing evening of celebration - Mother Nature Fire & Glass was everything I envisioned, embraced and desired.   I would like to thank my husband Tommy who carried me through the ups and downs,  Annie Royer who believed in me and would stop by when I was struggling with the words "It is beautiful LC", to the owners of the gallery Hamilton & Sandra Doak who gave me the opportunity to shine, Michael Kennedy of the gallery who made the installation relaxing and stress free - took over the presentation of the photography side - in full - choreographed the entire show with balance beauty and lighting, to all the people that came out to see the show and met me for the 1st time and yes all of my friends and art clients that came out to support me and join in my celebration - It is done - or is this just the beginning?


OK - time to prime the kiln shelfs and start the next project on the schedule of many.  Thank you everyone!



Wow another week here and gone!  I am glad I worked as hard as I did as sales at the Farmers Market where great!  We enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by to say hello.  I introduced an up and coming Jewelry Artist friend of mine. Johanna - her jewelry is amazing!  We also met some wonderful ladies from Deland Florida which we met up later at Chuchills for a few Bloody Mary's.  Wishing stars on their way to Italy and Ugraine.  The kiln is working away with new inventory and orders to ship on Tuesday.  Today I finally caught up with my office work for the business and that is really good feeling.  Tomorrow I have a BIG photo shoot for McKinney Magazine.  It will be working with the owners of Gray Living to capture their designs for the Christmas Holidays!


Well the photo shoot went very well.  In order to capture the lighting required in some of the photo's I took photo's at three different times of the day.  I enjoyed working with Randal Weeks and meeting his family and three wonderful Gold Retrievers.  These photo's will be in McKinney Magazine December issue.


This past weekend was quite busy with not only the Farmers Market on Saturday, but Chestnut Square also hosted a venue called "The Spirit of The Cowboy.'  I was working double duty  as the bean counter for Chestnut Square and owner of Dream Artglass.  Thank God for my husband who helped me balance it.  After two 14 hour days I returned to the Studio to create more inventory and fill orders to ship in a few days.


My glass supplier called me yesterday to advise me of a 35% increase in fused glass - YIKES - this will have to be passed on to my clients.  I am not looking forward to raising my prices, however, I have no choice but to.


This afternoon I have another photo shoot .

Got to run~~~~~~~~~~~~~




Ok - I am now over the increase and have been very busy preparing for all the Christmas Shows that I will be a part of and also busy restoring to wonderful 100 year old English Windows for two wonderful lady's that have been waiting months for me to start.  In between I took a short sunny vacation and relaxed with good friends and family.  Photo shoots are all completed for the year.  I am beginning to slow down with anticipation of the Holidays ahead.

Let me know if you need anything.  LC




I can not believe it is November 14th.  Last weekend was a very successfully McKinney Art Studio Tour.  I had over 100 people visit the studio.  Anyone who had the desire to cut glass and grid it was given the opportunity.  The interactive art project was for "Empty Bowls".  Six bowls where created by all those who visited the studio.  Everyone had the opportunity to design and add color glass to each of the various size bowls.  A full fuse was completed and next I will slump each design into a wonderful bowl.  Ranging in size from 15 to 5 inches in diameter.  These bowls will be on display at the Laura Moore Art Gallery during the month of January 2013.  They will then be auctioned at the "Empty Bowls" Fund Raiser at St. Peters Episcopal Church in McKinney Texas in February.  The money raised will be used to feed the hungry in Collin County Texas.




As I think back on yesterday I continue to be thankful for so many things.  My family, friends, the creativity God gave to me and the list goes on.  While it is nice to have a whole day dedicated to being thankful I would hope that people would find time to give thanks everyday to God for all the wonderment that God has given and surronded them with!  My most memoriable moment of the day was being part of a dinner hosted by my cousin for several UTD students from India and China.  This was thier first experience at a Thanksgiving dinner.  While we take for granted all the courses of food which are traditional for the day, they asked questions - such as what is this food, what is it made of.  My job was to explain and answer their questions as they prepared their dish for a feast of uncertainty!  Once they understood what they where eating they came back for more!







Green is the color for 2013!

I am making wonderful changes for 2013 based on the movement my artwork is taking and time needed to experience life.

As I saw 2012 through it took me by surprise.  I received commissions by several private parties with a two month lead time. I continue to work on my shelf work in between, however, my shelf work is selling as fast as I can make it.  Later I will do an installation of my public artwork,"Mother Nature Fire & Glass," in a corporate board room.

My freelance writing and photography is being published monthly by McKinney Magazine.

A project a started year ago was completed.  It is a wonderful Children's Book, "Chester of Chestnut Square."  The book was inspired when a stray cat decided to make Chestnut Square his home.  One night during a concert on the grounds, the cat curled up on my lap and fell asleep.  It was at that moment I decided I needed to write a book about him.  What makes this book special is not only the story of this cat named, "Chester," but the McKinney ISD Art Students who volunteered their time to create the illustrations that tell the story.    I self published the book which will make it'd debut Second Saturday February 9th at Orisons Art Gallery.  All proceeds will go to my two favorite non-profits:  Chestnut Square Historical Village and Arts and Music Guild.


Added another gallery in Dallas - Midtown Art Gallery

Empty bowls created as interactive art project on sale at Laura Moore Art Gallery through 1st week of February and then will be on auction at St. Peters  Empty Bowls dinner February 21st.

Work focus on commissions.

Farmers Market - 1st Saturday of the month starting in April.

Denton Art & Jazz Festival - April 26th,27th,28th

I will update you on my 2013 journey as it evolves.



July 14, 2013 - Where Have I Been?


Smiling and laughing - a raining day outside, classical music playing in the back ground and updating my website is finally taken a priority.  You may ask me, "What took so long?"  Well, the major setback was my new laptop was found to have a defective hard drive and I had to return it to the manufacturer - need I say more!  Once I got it back I was busy with my freelance photography with McKinney Magazine, Chester Of Chestnut Square, and my glass work.

Lets start with photography.  Every month I have photographs published in McKinney Magazine.  So far I have ad the honor of the cover twice this year.  Also, did a story in the April/May edition called - "An Art Felt Journey!"  You can see past and current issues by going the

The children's book "Chester of Chestnut Square" was a combined effort between me and the wonderful young artist of the Arts And Music Guild.  The story was inspired by a wonderful gray tiger stripped cat that adapted Chestnut Square Historical Village where I work as the bookkeeper.  I in turn had him fixed and registered to Chestnut Square where he is now the resident cat and official greeter to all who come to visit.  The book was released earlier this year and it almost sold out.  Our local library has a copy that is always checked out!  Readings have been done in several pre-schools and elementary schools in McKinney all of which included a visit from Chester himself.  He just loved all the attention the children gave him!  The second book will be released the beginning of 2014.

My glass work is now being sold in several locations and I am only at the local Farmers Market once a month.  This allows me to spend more time in the studio creating.  In the spring I was accepted in the juried art show "Unique By Nature."  I was honored as being one of the several artist at this venue.  My artwork a tiled mosaic is now part of the City of McKinney's private collection and is on display at the McKinney's Performing Arts Center, located in the old court house in the center of the historical downtown area.  Current project I have on the table is the restoration of an art glass shade .  This project was just started and is very tedious to say the least.  I am also working on a piece for the up and coming art show at Gallery of Midtown in August that will benefit the tornado victim in Oklahoma who lost so much this past spring.  Items where donated to the artist in a program called "Picking Up The Pieces," by the tornado victims.  These items will be turned into works of art to be sold with all the proceeds to benefit the victims.  I am working with a piece of hog fencing of which I twisted into a self-standing cyclone shape and I am in the process of adding multi pieces of colored recycled fused glass.  To promote awareness several artist are working on murals in the Valley View Mall in Dallas.  I started mine last week.  It is a spin off from the Wizard of Oz!  I started with several rows of black and white tile to represent the beginning of the movie which was in black and white film and then progressed to color upon arriving to the land of oz.  The black and white tile will spin off into color glass with the words Courage, Love and Wisdom.  These words represent the Lion, Scarecrow and Tin man.  All of this will lead us to home!  Home can be where ever your heart is!

I am so glad to have my website updated and will vow yet another time to try to keep in on track.  That is until my passion for art and people take me into another wonderful direction.  All is good and I am loving life!

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